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7-11 PWYW/C FW20

Wow, week seven and it's the eleventh month of the year... I'm tripping. Have a great one and enjoy these week's flow with guest appearance by King Atman (Soul). If you like this third eye guy, check out his first tee in the shop now!

And if you see something you like, email menamejmaw@gmail.com or aloha@soulwhat.xyz and/or DM @soulxwhat on Instagram to inquire. All older pieces will be rotated into the updated soul what shop soul score some art at whatever price you want/can each week AND check out our second anniversary drop.


P-Ink Sunrise

P-Ink Sunset - Ink 8” x 10”

King Atman Kine Vibes

P-Ink Sunset - Spray Paint, Ink, and Acrylic Paint on Art Board 11” x 14”

P-Ink Sunset

P-Ink Sunset - Ink and Paint on Canvas 8” x 10”

Mahalo for the support!

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