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I don't have anything catchy to say. Breaking Bad is something else though, I will say that. Never seen it before but we just started watching.

Recently I went to Long Beach, CA, for the first time ever. For a Hawai'i company, connected to an event that traces its origins back here, and yeah, it's all pretty wild. What is it about Hawai'i? What is it about being from here? What is the calling, the yearning, the learning?

What is it indeed?

I don't know but I've been learning how to use a steel mace as a form of exercise. It's been pretty interesting. Interesting - a fave word. A word I use to deflect. In this case, it is in fact, interesting indeed. It's different. It build functional strength and in another era, it'd have been a functional movement, so that's pretty cool, pretty cool indeed.

Remember when we birthed AUM Vol. 1? Such a different time. A different Life. A different JMAW. Yet somehow, it's all of the differences that make up the whole, and there's a sameness to that that reminds me of the recent meditation that echoes for me:

Nothing matters

Nothing matters

nothing matters

nothing is everything

everything, nothing

And within these words, I find the meaning. It's all there. Already, indeed.

I miss you Dad. A hui hou.

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