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Behind the Design - Fragments of Soul Aloha 2.0

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Someone asked me the other day if I still had this in stock because he wore it during a workshop and the facilitator really liked it.

Soul I went deep (and if you know me, that probably made you laugh and/or roll your eyes), and told the story. Now, for the first time in writing (at least), here's the story of this tee.

I created the basis for this design over the course of three days. Inspired by my home of Hawai'i, the triangles are based on a satellite view. Each triangle, is both representative of Hawai'i and intended to be a fragment of Aloha. Much like the holographic Universe, I believe that fragments of Aloha are lasered into our + Beings and all of Life.

Once I finished the layout of the Islands in a way that felt fitting to me, I began the work of building 'the box' so Aloha could break it apart.

The box was also meant to be broken so that we venture outside of the box logo. There can be only one Unicorn box logo (or can there?), and that's Supreme. Whether you love or hate Supreme, you can't knock the brand's impact on the culture and staying power.

That being said, soul what - break the box - and more importantly ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats, and children - ALOHA HARDER!!!

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