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Complex Times

Methinks we be living in a complex era. As I meditate on the polar divide of the world that is magnetized by the media coverage, this quote resonates for such times as these:

“The great thing to remember is that what is evil for some can be good for others. If you hold on to this idea it will be a tremendous help. Once you understand that evil is not absolute, that it is relative in fact, it will be much easier for you to put up with it, and you will see that you begin to be unaffected by things that used to make you suffer. You will even feel that heaven has set you free. This has been the experience of so many initiates: they came to realize that all they had lost and all the trials they had endured had simply been the means of their liberation You must adopt this philosophy, otherwise, when you should be singing canticles of praise and thanksgiving to the lord, you will always find some excuse to be miserable.” – Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

What I seek is to be free from the suffering.

I have only been set free, in the moments, where I am able to put judgment aside and trust that Life truly knows more than I. In my journey, and in throughout my writing, I have been open about my struggle to reach a state of such connection while also the limited capacity to hold such a state because of an addiction and socialization to normalize suffering.

With this particular quote, it's suffering to view the world as evil, and by default, the majority of humanity, as enemies. I'll never forget working in politics for the first time in Hawai'i, where it's predominantly Democrats in power, and thinking, alright, all on the same side, then learning there were factions within the super-majority that governs my home.

I saw the strangest of bedfellows cutting deals, one my favorites being the then Democrat House Majority Leader pleading with the Republican House Minority Leader to vote in favor of the Speaker during a takeover move by the dissidents.

My mind was the mind-blown emoji.

It just didn't make sense but like so many other things that I have gone through that has also not made sense, I started to realize there were patterns, endless cycles of patterns.

Life, the experience of it, outlasts each of us, and these cycles, are not new cycles. We are watching the same dream (nightmare) unfold, living the same adventure (or affliction) that our brothers and sisters who have come before (and after) also share.

Another reason why we must step back from the attachments to right/wrong, good/evil, is because in terms of what's healthy, living in extreme is rarely an ideal state to live in, nor is it really sustainable, keeping us in a state of imbalance. But if you think about it, the contrasts of Life, are a part of what keeps balance and growth happening...

It's as though the biggest not-so well kept secret is that the abundance and love really is everywhere. But the shadows we see dancing in Plato's Cave and the unlocked chains that we willingly shackle our minds, are easier because that's what we're told to believe.

It's crazymaking to the nth degree!

I've had so many occasions or instances where being happy has felt foreign, a part of me wants to peace out before the unforeseen falls like a piano on my head. Yet it is only that way because I'm judging what shows up in my experience through the lens of right/wrong, good/evil and taking satisfaction that shadows are Sun Light.

But what would happen if we just started to view what passes through our field of experience, without assigning a plus or minus to it? What happens then?

In now all too rare conversations these days, my teacher gave me this pearl:

"It's just as easy to say a positive word as it is a negative word. In my case, it's easier (to say a positive word)." - Adya

It is easy to hate the the unexpected but when I encounter it, more and more, I give myself a space (and time) to breathe it all in, then as I exhale (when it's that time) I add the silver lining and ponder:

What if there are greater things for myself as a drop, rippling through the collective, ahead because of this experience?

Now, I could be terribly mistaken in thinking such a thought, but I don't see it as bad to transform frustrations by taking a more long view approach to Life.

Life is lived a day at a time. So live the fullest fuck out of the day and be the vessel reflecting Light. Each day, then see how living fully, compounds positive vibes, and pays huge dividends over time.

So the next time right/wrong, good/evil gets force fed or tries to find it's way through the space of shared consciousness, take a breath, hit pause, and remember we are on a journey and exploration through this magical experience of Life.

Live, Love, Soul Aloha - jmaw

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