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Crypto Artist Interviews - Manu Sparrow

Originally posted on my Publish0x blog: thecryptoverse.

One of the coolest things about the Crypto Arts scene that I have experienced is the willingness of fellow creative souls to help one another in their artistic journeys. 

Recently on Discord, I had the chance to connect with Manu Sparrow and a few days later in Crypto Art Twitter, the dude dropped some amazing creative knowledge!

I just had had to learn more.

Crypto Artist Q&A

Artist: Manu Sparrow / Location: Spain

Twitter: Dr. Fries 🍟 DeLuxe™️

Instagram: Donut Face

Rarible: msp4rrow

Displate: msp4rrow

@soulxwhat: What are you artistic influences?

MS: I draw inspiration from basically anything which I observe for long enough, or that suddenly pops into my mind, product of some subconscious machination...

The latter are more frequent.

I have been into music for as long as I have been into computers, and therefore, playing or listening to music is a way for me to shift my mindset whenever I feel uninspired. I also grew up surrounded by art pieces, since my mother has been an antique dealer for as long as I can remember.

For me, when it comes to nurturing inspiration, it is very important to keep learning new things, not necessarily on the computer and pixel related, but could be as random as learning a new song, or being introduced to a new painter, grabbing a microscope and looking at interesting samples, playing with electronics, growing a plant, raising a child. All these experiences enrich you with “knowledge” which can then be extrapolated in favour of maturing your artistic vision.

sXw: How would you describe your art?

MS: Ugh! lol, this question is the worst… I would never attempt to describe my own “art” because I do not believe my definition of Art and what I do would even match. And it would sound pedantic even if I tried to describe it in a humble way, so I’ll try to TL;DR it in a short phrase which you may quote:

"My art is like I f*cked your mum and you somehow did not get even get mad, and then donuts!"

sXw: Who are your favorite Crypto Artists?

I would have to say, since the first day of fully getting into creating NFTs, Murat Pak was, for me, the absolute God of this scene. Still is my favourite artist in the scene, although I may disagree with his ethics sometimes.

Now, very interestigly and few weeks in, after a realisation, I started to really enjoy the work of Måx Ø$iRi$ and really consider integrating elements of "Trash Art" into my creations. These two are, to me, the two poles of my artistic compass right now...

Needless to say, apart from those two, I quite enjoy the work of countless artists in the scene, some of which I have known and worked with for years prior:

Neon AKA @ItsMeRileigh on Twitter, Jay Delay (jaydelay on Rari), Bleh (bleh on Rari), Elypse (elypse on Rari), I Can Haz Crypto (icanhazcrypto on Rari), Mera Takeru (mera_takeru on Rari), Caye (caye on Rari), Loudsqueak (loudsqueak on Rari), Frenetik Void (frenetik on Rari), R O B N E S S (ROBNESS on Rari), lulu xXX (luluxxx on Rari), and many many others...

sXw: What's your favorite Crypto Art platform?

MS: Well, the only one which has been welcoming and hassle free is Rarible, and for that, this is my favourite platform. In other places, they require you to disclose an unjustified (in my honest opinion) amount of personal data. I have applied to all the best known platforms, and while I am still waiting on some of them to respond, Rarible has become my home :)

Other platforms seem to be very elitist, closed, even sectary in nature, which is not something I look forward to when applying to a website so I can sell my pictures of "mostly doughnuts"!

sXw: Where do you see Crypto Art in a year?

MS: Right now, with my incredibly limited experience and extremely short career as an NFT artist, I am very optimistic. I think rare crypto art is both an amazing way of artistic expression, a solid way of verifying authenticity and a means for crypto traders to diversify from alts "sh!tcoins" and put their money into something which is not an empty promise as most of these alt coin projects are, but actual delivered goods, in the form of a crypto art piece.

Naturally, I believe the NFT minting and trading frenzy will possibly go on well into next year and the following.

Hopefully, a year from now, the Crypto Art scene and physical auction houses and galleries will have already started creating solid connections and gotten increased media attention.

And perhaps, a year from now, someone will buy an NFT (perhaps one of my donuts?) at an auction for an outrageous enough amount of money that we'll make it into the news, and see where things go from there!

sXw: Final Thoughts

MS: Well, let the final thought not be fruit of my mind, but a quote of someone more qualified instead:

"Venom’s pupils contracted the instant before he slid his sunglasses back on.

She couldn’t help it. “Why isn’t your tongue forked?”

“Why can’t you fly?” A smirk.

“Those things on your back aren’t accessories you know." — Nalini Singh

I've had the opportunity to interview politicians, mixed-martial artists, and more but this was by far one of the most memorable interviews that I've had the good fortune to facilitate yet.

Mahalo to Manu for his thoughtful answers!

And stay tuned for a Twitter Masterclass from Manu Sparrow coming to thecryptoverse soon.

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