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Habitually Thankful

I meditate on gratitude throughout the ebb and flow of each day and here's something I learned along the way that helps me remember to get back to it: it's a habit.

One of the most maddening things I've found in my journey was that often you hear A, B, & C early on in the journeys of those who 'made it' to X, Y, & Z, but without all the letters, how can you spell, speak, or even begin to try and read what's going on in the world around?

It's taken all the breaths and beat-beats of my heart to have a better understanding that:

✌️ to live a more peaceful life, I had to practice peace

🤙 to practice peace, I had to practice gratitude

🙌 to practice gratitude, I had to cultivate the habit to move beyond my default thought patterns

It's kind of fascinating seeing NFTs and the Metaverse and where the entertainment is at these days because who needs all of that when there's negative self-speak and all the other crazy running between the ears?

I still struggle with keeping my thoughts, anxiety, and depression from getting the best of me, but with each loss, comes expanded perspective. And with the wider field of view, I'm better able at getting back to middle state of All The Wow.

And that's a habit. For a trip into that, I suggest reading Be Here Now by Ram Dass or do the exercises in A Course in Miracles Workbook. Both might challenge the spiritual beliefs of many, but as Michael Alan Singer talked about in The Untethered Soul, lean into that edge. That's a space to start doing the work, and who knows, you might just breakthrough into the 24/7 blissed out state!

Soul Enjoy and have a good one!

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