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Half-Full or Half-Empty at just Half-past 2020

And just like that, here we are, a few days past the half of a year and oh, oh, oh, what a year it has been, eh?

It's fascinating how much Life can shift in a short period of time...

Even before covid-19, before Dad's passing, before (insert here from my/your/our observation of unexpected loss and calamity), I have long focused my quest for Truth in hopes that it might ease the ebb and flow of pain that surely finds us on the journey.

And why?

Because re-read the first part of that last section aka the pain can be all too real.

Ever since, ever since, as far as I can recall, the search of the Greater Than has been important to me. It has helped me through crazy seasons of the past, allowed me to be at ease with my unease, and also to not be in denial that Life can change in an instant. And whatever comes with that, is okay, because the extremes are never the end.

They are just markers. And perhaps, the Darkest Hours are here that we might remember to Shine our Light - if only that we ourselves can See.

See with Wonderfully Beautiful Light and Feel Light Soul Bright that the pain we experience in Life serves as a reminder to value every precious breath.

When the breath goes back to Spirit, that Beat+Beat of the Heart stops, just like that, the mystery is over. It's all pau whether the pieces have been put together, or not.

Then it's on to the next iteration for the + Being aspect of the Human + Being. Your guess is as good as mine what that might be.

But until then, at any moment, you can Shine Yo' Light.

And what happens when you take Light in the Darkness? You can see.

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