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Highlights from the Journey of a Writer

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

jmaw (aka Jason Walter) brings over 16 years of marketing and communications leadership and consulting specializing in advertising, copywriting, blogging, content creation, brand management, public relations, and social media.

Email menamejmaw@gmail.com to connect!

Essays about these times:

Soul See and Be Seen

Essays relating to Death and Grieving:

Soul Aloha Grandma

Relating to Death - The 4/20/20 Remix

Soul Aloha All Ways

Other Writing Samples:

Day Dreaming

Adventures in Crypto Art

Additional Highlights as a Poet/Writer

Author of 13 books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, various online booksellers, and a host of used book stores in Hawai'i, on the West Coast, in Japan, and Korea

Researched, drafted, and edited copy for thousands of blogs and social media posts for multiple brands including 434 Tattoo, hank’s haute dogs, Hawai’i Opera Theatre

Ghostwriter for articles, letters, and bills while working at the Hawai'i State Legislature

Fun Fact: jmaw performed at Dante Basco's Da Poetry Lounge show on location

from Los Angeles in Honolulu, HI

@ Me

Twitter - @menamejmaw

Instagram - @soulxwhat

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