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Light Bombs - Human Plus Being

Today in soul what Sundays on Clubhouse we talked about Balancing Energies.

As much as we are spirits having human experiences, we are humans having spiritual experiences. I have found in my own journey and observed in that of others, that not remembering both, can lead to imbalance. Be mindful of both and watch as the Spirit expands throughout All aspects of your human travels, allowing one to Live and Love even more fully.

And that’s important - to Live and Love fully - throughout the entirety of your energies as a Human + Being. It might even be the true essence of our Nature but that’s a post for another day.

Thx for being out there!

soul what Sundays is held each Sunday at 930am Hawai'i Standard Time on Clubhouse.

To get notifications, join Human Kine Radio Club on Clubhouse and tune in throughout the week for an array of holistic vibes to uplift and rooms where you can be seen, heard, and felt!

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