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Love - just Love

Love - just love. Over the years I’ve run misc. creative campaigns utilizing taglines from #alohaharder in the beginning, #soulaloha when @soulxwhat began, to more recently #shineyolight and #wearehumankine.

Artists, specifically writers, we get so caught up creating when the simplest statement can be the most profound.

Love - just love.

Say hello to the stranger bc they could be having the worst day ever.

Give an extra dollar or as many as can spare to your server, barista, whoever bc in the grand scheme that extra might not break you but could save the other’s night (Having experienced cash jobs that barely covered the cost of parking on slow nights).

Stop the multi-tasking or divided attention just be present.

So many are out there hurting and sometimes it’s the small things that impact the hugest shifts. And we can lift one another up.

Soul Enjoy

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