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Photo Editing A-Ha Moments

This shot is edited and cropped from a much larger image.

I saw 'Pizza' in the distance as I walked around the outskirts of Ala Moana Shopping Center and thought framing it between the two parked busses would be the shot I wanted but then the woman made her way in the shot so I waited to time it so she was near the entrance and took a shot. I was stoked thinking that I got what I was hoping for!

Then I saw this afterwards and it felt a little underwhelming to be honest. I didn't want to give up on it though so I started working with the raw file. Somewhere in the editing process I starting following the different lines and where my eyes were led when I realized this was a black and white white photo waiting for its close up.

Here are my photo editing a-ha moments:

  • The power of cropping - cropping this shot made it so much better

  • Digital cameras are worth it - the ability to edit the raw photo is a gamechanger in the creative process

  • Megapixels!!! - I'm stoked how the final shot turned out and having the ability to get so much from far away is mindblowing

  • Just have fun - there is so much discovery in all of this and it's magnificent

How do you like to edit? Drop some comments and let me know and who knows, you might even inspire someone else out there.


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