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Muralist Tatiana Suarez

"The reflection, of my reflection, is the reflection of my reality." - jmaw

Mural by Tatiana Suarez - Fuji x100f - Kaka'ako, HI

I first learned of the work by muralist Tatiana Suarez during a Worldwide Walls (formerly POW! WOW! HAWAI'I) event here in Kaka'ako in 2014. I can remember walking through my neighborhood to see what the artists were doing and there she was working. What truck me was her movements as she worked. There was both a thoughtfulness while she painted and awareness of those who passed by, with whom she humbly engaged.

Olympus Infinity Stylus MJU I 35mm - Kaka'ako, HI

Another thing that amazed me was that it felt like she worked quickly. The first mural I saw her work on was completed in what felt like the blink of an eye. Fitting because I have found the eyes of her characters to have a mystical feel and I've been a fan of her work, having shot them when and where I can since. I was also fortunate to collect a few pieces early because her acclaim has grown in the time since I first learned of her work and now.

Olympus Infinity Stylus MJU I 35mm - Welcome to Lana Lane

This particular mural lives on the corner of Auahi and Lana Lane. As of this writing, the Omicron phase of the pandemic is winding down in parts of the world and we'll soon be entering the Spring. One of the many beautiful things about Hawai'i though is that no matter what time of year you visit, the weather will be more than likely pretty epic.

iPhone 11 w/Moment Wide lens - Kaka'ako, HI

And the great thing about an artist like Tatiana is that you can engage with her art pretty much anywhere there's a major street arts festival. So get out there, wherever you are, and take a stroll. You might find a mural by Tati, or who knows, maybe you'll encounter another artist who's work inspires. If anything, I think inspiration is what art, more so Life, is all about.

Thanks for being out there!

A hui hou,


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