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Soul Be

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I'm not sure why that number specifically was chosen but I imagine the repetition of doing something 21 times, and the discipline it takes to do it, is part of what forms the 'symbolic' muscle memory it takes to repeat.  

Lately, as I've spent less time grappling on the mat, and more time reflecting on how I grapple with balance in my life, I'm reminded of how getting out of the habit of doing something, requires work to get back in, but also, I've had to really explore and better understand my personal goals.  

Up until the unofficial, then official kick-off of soul what, my focus did not necessarily feel as though it fit within a more expanded vision of my Life. Growing the brand, has not been easy.  It's been fun!  But it's a process, much of which is learned.  So there's been much more time spent here and there on this.   And as fun as it is, it's not taking care of the bills (yet), so add that, aka go to work. As a compromise to time off the mat because it's easier to fit into my schedule, I've been working out more, effectively making sure I get 4-5 days of solid exercise in a week, in addition to walking, a lot.   Throw in a couple curve balls like our place getting broken into recently and watching the array of emotions and thoughts, coupled with some other personal things that pull on the heartstrings a bit that I'm still wrapping my head around, it's safe to say there's a little bit of a whole lot going on. 

C'est la vie. I circle back to the opening idea of habits because despite all this, I feel okay. In fact, I bask so much in it, that I'm feeling the greatness of Life and am embracing the day and where I am, Here + Now. If I had not invested as much time and energy into soul exploration, there is zero chance I'd be able to stay stoked about all that's going on, because I'd be hard pressed to recognize how balanced my Life has grown into.  

And for me, balance, along with freedom, have been a huge aspect of the quest. I truly feel as though perfect as it is, with room for more growth, and an abundance of joy to grow with that so that makes me feel pretty stoked. And I'll tell you what, it's taken a whole lot more than 21 days to build the habits to walk through Life and roll with it.  It's taken pretty much all of It, whatever It is.   Soul Be, as in be gentle with your journeys.  There is no use in being critical, and if your call is balance, it's okay to work on everything, at your own pace.   Play the fulfillment and balance long-game and watch the positive interest compound as you do. 

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