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soul dance, dance, dance

Fujifilm x100f / SALT x Kaka'ako x O'ahu

The whole scene here was that of a father putting his child down to walk hand-in-hand, but in the shot that was captured here, I see a dance between generations.

Our parents, who were led by their parents, assume the role in the middle to lead the dance for all generations. Passing the rhythm down, adding their own moves, and then it’s up to the next to Flow more smoothly and perhaps a bit better than before.

Which leads me to giving thanks for my parents, and especially on this day, my Dad, gone two years now.

Grieving and adapting to how it lives within you is a total mind-fuck. I’ve found joy, perhaps greater joy than ever before, but I’m also more focused because of how the feeling of joy lives in contrast to the sharpness of the sorrow. There’s also been a good amount of numbness, perhaps because we’re living through a global pandemic and never ending cycles of war. All of it has been:

All the wow, All a dream, Quite the blur, If you know, you know Exactly what I mean

Each day of our lives are different and every gain and loss adds more depth.

Soul enjoy cause before you can bli…

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