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Soul Flow - From The Simple Voice to beyond

In hindsight, soul what is here because of the work I began many moons ago.

I started my first real site, The Simple Voice back in '07, when I was working in politics here in Hawai'i. I was young, hungry, passionate to effect change and very ego driven in that despite wanting to be of greater service to the world, I was doing it logically.

Yet, somehow, in my Spirit, this seed was planted and from it, a tree was born.

I can vividly go back to certain moments of that year, grappling with feeling confident for the first time and my deeper feelings of drifting along, not knowing what my Path was even about. It was a time of uncertainty, but all of the shit was some of the best fertilizer to nourish a seed on the journey to tree, and now, as it continues reaching toward the Light that is the apex of Consciousness.

Since 2012, I have published 12 books, from my first memoir - Adventures in Urban Mysticism (AUM) Vol. 1: Rebirth (which definitely needs a sequel and is available online at Walmart - imagine that!), to poetry and essay collections. That's just one facet. I have also written two screenplays and my very first opera, a modern one-act and song cycle. Believe you/me, I never in a billion years saw any of that, yet those are some of the leaves of this tree that the seed has become, with creativity the cycle of expression and nourishment I needed and to this day, require to grow.

With each new season, I'm amazed what a seed of hope could flo-wow aka grow-oh into - to serve the world creatively, in an expression that fulfilled my own soul. And...

The Life that hope becomes. All I can say is continue. No matter how low you feel, the best is always surpassed, as is the worst, but it's a trek, and with each new vista, the growth in awareness, the expansion of one's capacity of love, the awesomeness of Human + Being, just gets Soul Much better.

Mahalo ke Akua

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