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Soul See and Be Seen

We have to see the Soul across from us,

recognize the reflection of its Light...

In recent weeks, Bev and I saw a young man who reminded us of our nephew Miles (pictured above). I took this photo when we encountered his doppelgänger again (pictured below) as we socially distanced in the checkout line of the grocery store.

She later sent it to him and we all laughed about it as he remarked - LOL, he looks like me.

Bev’s known Miles his whole life. I’ve known him but a few years. We all lived together for a just under two years and during that time, I got to know and really Love Miles and his younger sister, Maya. When it was time to for them to move to the mainland and I had to say goodbye, I got choked up, in particular as I said farewell to Miles.

I felt for Miles for many reasons and I just wanted the kid to know that he was Loved and that even though we weren't going to live together any longer, that we were here for him if he ever needed.

Living with a teenager, there were times where pretty typical teenager type of things, including outbursts of emotion, happened.  After one such occasion, I expressed my concern about what the future held knowing that he didn't plan to stay in Hawai'i. I brought that up because I was concerned with exactly what’s going on now.

In that moment, I wanted to shield him. I didn't want to see this kid (now a young man) with a smile that can light up the room, grow angry, because another person full of (insert whatever they are carrying here), sees him as less...

A pearl that was once dropped on me was that if a cake recipe called for 5% shit, even if it couldn't be tasted, there's still shit in that cake. As a collective, we don't all see the hatred or experience it, but when it's documented on repeat that so many others do, just like that shit cake, it exists. We must acknowledge this.

None of us know when it's our time. But imagine living with the fear, the knowing that every step outside, could be one step closer to eating shit cake, and that bite could cost freedom, maybe even bring about the ending of a Life. Imagine that not only in our own lives, but in those of our Loved ones. How painful can it be to carry that around for generations with no end in sight?

This is why people are mad. This is why change we must. If we want to keep moving forward and not destroy ourselves or this world, we have to recognize that hatred doesn’t work.

I believe that can be done through Love. It’s as The Teacher taught and it’s a spiritual law higher and more evolved than any other.  

People with different perspectives have every right to feel differently. There are some pretty deep wounds that need to be addressed along the way. We must learn to honor this process, and embrace what makes us different. Differences can either tear us apart, or they can be what bind us together to celebrate what we share as Human + Beings.

I believe it's possible for the Light to dance throughout this world, that the hateful are less than, and the Loving are greater. But for that to manifest, the Loving has to elevate above the Shadows.

This isn’t partisan, this isn’t anti, this isn’t choose one or the other. This us vs. them mentality isn't it.

This is about choosing the middle ground, to build and bridge the divide and see all HUMAN + Beings,

in KIND(ness).

Or else the alternative is to continue to perpetuate in growing furor what is going on in response to the murder of George Floyd.

After all, it's been said, the lessons repeat until we get them.  

But it's time we be the Love that we want in this world.

Because sometimes all it takes is a smile to change a Life.

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