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Soul Speak - The Block is Hot

There's been a great deal of heat in the world lately. From the hot air of all the politicians and media talking heads to the record temperatures being broken every month, the world is burning up.

To quote Skepta - "It ain't safe on the block..."

I've been dealing with a severe case of writer's block and I wonder if it's due to the heat. Within my connection to Spirit, I know this not to be the cause but I share all this because as a poet, it does burn me to not feel the urge to write as much as I did in the past.

It makes me wonder, am I nearing that place once shared in Spirit through another, a point where "40 years or so before questioning if my work is done"?

If you're new to the 'Gospel according to JMAW' (jk), when I was 23, I was on a plane, that for some reason did the opposite of landing as it descended, and shot straight up into the sky (because there was an issue with the landing gear, which we found out later), and guess what:

I was scared.

I felt the very real fear that comes with the unknown when danger arises (as opposed to the false narratives being spun out there as to why the world is ending tomorrow, and if that doesn't happen, stay alert, because it will!). I did what I knew to be best at the time in place of honoring that fear, I made a joke to the man (who read spirits while I read books) sitting next to me, who then told me:

"Don't worry, it won't be 40 years or so before you begin to question if your work is done." To which, all the hairs on the back of my neck and arms rose, and I tripped pretty f@cking hard.

Now on the cusp of the age of 40, it's truly mind boggling, because while I feel like I could be just getting started with my Life, I feel the heat of the world all around, I feel how in many ways, we aren't very safe, that there is reason to acknowledge our collective fears, and I know, as much as I've felt blocked:

I'm numb.

I'm turned off.

I'm oversaturated.

I'm desensitized.

I'm the reason for the block in Flow.

That's not my Truth, and never shall be, but it's been an underlying theme in this season of my Life and that's crazy because there is too much Love, Beauty, and Soul much Aloha, with great reason to be stoked!

But numb I've been. Guilty am I. And props to the system, The Matrix, for its flawless design to keep us, we the people, in check, like we the sheep-le or something.


Well, now that we moved past the writer's block - Fuck all that. No more censorship. Time to let the stream to consciousness go...

Cause, Dear Reader, I still feel a creative drive, perhaps more than I ever have, and with all the heat in the world, my hope is that soul what continues to grow, that we promote Soul Aloha, all while saying Soul Mahalo for every breath.

Soul let it Flow, let it Flow, let it Flow!

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