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Soul What - Ep. 01 - Now

Recently I wandered into a territory where I was living in possibility and excitement. You know that space that resonates in circles having discussions about manifestation, co-creative visualization, and living stoked?

But throughout this journey, I've been reminded that it's not exactly possible to live blissed out of the mind. Well, it might be, but that's a different point, time, and experience that I've yet to wander into...

TBH, I'm not a fan living in the extreme. Just look at the natural world around us and see what answers you find. High tide is balanced by low tide, peaks and valleys exist throughout the topographical areas around the world , and sure as there is a forecast of rain in my hometown of Hilo, there is night and day. Take this all into account and it would seem plausible that joy is/was/will be soon followed by the tragedies of Life.

Soul What... Now?

In spaces where the switch is flipped, I meditate on the following two quote:

Right now, it's like this. ~ Ajahn Sumedho

My friends, this is just the journey.

And whatever manifestation of the Now we find ourselves in, that's right now, and if it's like this (aka INSERT whatever this is in said moment HERE), then that's that. And if that's truly that, whatever that is, then we might as well try to be as joyful as possible, or find the joy however we can because:

We cannot cure the world of sorrows but we can choose to live in joy. ~ Joseph Campbell

It's not easy to travel in the human condition (see that space I mentioned above). Perhaps it was not meant to be. But nature has balance throughout and is constantly showcasing its beauty alongside that. I do believe that applies to our lives, it's all beautiful, and I'll take the highs and lows as they are because every cycle, each season, I grow more and more in, towards, and full of Light.

Aloha ke Akua

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