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Soul What Now?

When do we wake up?

I believe that there is most certainly a Design to all of this by The Creator. And woven throughout all of that is Love. But I ask the question just now because for all intents and purposes, while Love is the fuel, we have fallen asleep at the wheel of the vehicle.

That makes me wonder, will we awake before the crash?

If I look at my own Life and experience, I slumbered into my personal rock bottom. I hid from the healthy choices, which spiraled into an unhappy mess, that prevented me from enjoying what was in my space. In the Law of Attraction sense, I was not grateful for what I had, so it didn't matter if more was added unto my experience, because I was asleep at the wheel, missing the sides, and hurtling off the cliff into my Dark Night of the Soul. I manifested that as a co-creator of the experience.

In some ways, its foreign to recount those moments because I've changed so much since that period of my Life, which was just 10 years ago. For the changes, I am truly grateful and even when I'm experiencing my new version of a bad day, I still pause and look at how in totality, there is SOUL much BEAUTY reflected throughout my Life. That's not bad for an imperfect existence if you ask me!

But I certainly haven't forgotten where I've been. These days, I might recognize that the Light illuminates the Dark but I certainly still feel the range of emotions and experience the flow of thoughts that come with the events at play:

Protests around the world from Mauna Kea to Hong Kong.

A range of wars seen and unseen fought from the Middle-East to the Mid-West.

There is deep pain being expressed.



And we perpetuate it with our pendulum like collective movements through this epoch, a time perhaps like too many others that have preceded it. As I struggle to find the words, words which typically do not escape me, I have to acknowledge the pain that is playing out driving many of the decisions, policies, and creating future consequences.

Now I've lived enough cycles to realize this is how the collective consciousness evolves and the shift, as easy as it could be, is something that takes time to process for within the consequences, there are benefits that will be born:

New artists and voices shall emerge to bring battle cries and songs to Life!

Movements that were planted seemingly eons ago shall have momentum and new Life!

People will continue to Love, Be Loved, and bring future generations forth out of their Love!

Change is not easy and there is great change unfolding despite the seemingly slow crawl forward. But as my own Love shared with me, it hurts so much because we Love so much. I have to believe that the opposite of our Truth is at full display now because people are ready to live the fullness of that is the Creator as expressed in the Love it is to be a part of Creation.

I have to believe that. Even if I cannot prove it, I have to believe it because without inspiration, I have nothing left. The root of inspiration is the Latin word inspiratus (breathe into, inspire). The meaning of that is similar to the meaning of spirare (to blow, to breathe), which is the Latin word that is the root of spiritus, the root of Spirit.

Soul What Now?

We've got Spirit

Yes we do

We've got Spirit

How bout you?

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