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Spiritual Independence Day

Wrote this a few years ago. It's chilling to re-read it because as a mixed-race person growing up in the Hawaiian Kingdom, I looked one way, was raised influenced by many cultures, and the music of my generation (which you'll see here) was hip-hop. What can I say but that we've still got a lot of work to do on the physical plane but should we lead from Spirit, we might just have a chance at true liberation, at enjoy.

Soul Be Well. Be Free.

“Who got the vibe? It’s The Tribe y’all”

On the speaker, As I stand tall

Despite All,

This weight on my shoulders

That’s been beating me down (beating me down)

The worst bit of it is from and because

My Ego is legit

A cold-ass mother fucker

But eh, I no can stress

It’s All Good, I can rest

The changes

The variety ranges

So many cages

And you wonder why I rages

Wonder why I rages

I rages


As the tide shifts, I be the one that lifts

The collective over the rift

What can I say, curse, nah, my gift

Awe shift…

Next track, “I suck at love, I think I need a do-over.” Raps Hova

“What’s your hardest vice to give up?” She asks me next.

Rolling the dice, when it comes to my Life, is perhaps then, my biggest vice…

Quit drinking?

Brah, that’s just for leisure.


Nah, that’s never been my scene.

Rock n Roll?

Not quite my style either.

What then?

I guess that means temptations, but before that let me digress

Cause when I was still small kid kine

Alls I wanted was just a One

Then Life unfolds, Truth be told

Truth be told, Life just unfolds

Never thought I’d be this Old, when my name was just Young

Couldn’t see beyond age 23, when in July, Spirit spoke to me, and

Ever since, ever since that premonition haunts me

Forty years or so

Before you begin to wonder

If it’s your time to go

And if your work here is done…

And since that ever since, the clock, it ticks, the clock talk: ticks.

I’m about a third through, two thirds left, I thought you knew, that’s why you’re gathered here right? To hear from The Prophet, before they slit his throat some night.  No, Jay! No, not Here, not in this Life.  No my Teacher said, they not gone lynch ya.  Some will say, the color of skin, it will protect you, but that don’t mean shit to you because you’ve hated this color ever since, yeah? Isn’t that part of the reason you colored over it, to tell the story that speaks from your Soul?  Kinda but not really…

Fuck you haole!

I cannot even begin to say

That’s not your Mom, Larry.

My Dad shared once to me, they told me she wasn’t my Grandma, guess things don’t

change much now do they

This racial hurt, divides too many

Tell me who, what, where, when, why, how

Can we overcome such inequity?

Forty years left, oh if only it was 40 ounces, though about two-thirds through that, it wouldn’t be so cold, in fact, it would be warm and bitter.  Is that what I’ve got to look ahead to? Is that the meaningless Life of a Sinner?

Which segues nicely back to the Flesh and my biggest vice, where I’m weak, though I know better, shit, when within, Inner Child rises up each moment, cheering, no, not this Life, not this time, we’re all Here & Now to be Winners.

“Fuck all this pretty shit my name is” Jay, as Hova continues.

If you know, me, then you know I wear black to cover the blood on my sleeve

From this Heart that beat-beats

Roll the dice? Nah, I’m a beast mode, enter cheat codes, take the Ego out and cheat its slow suffering march to Death.  Live fully, each day, until I’ve no more work left.

Live Life fully, that We can truly

See, the Love, that exists, free

From judgment as The Creator

Intended for We

Set We Free

Cause We the People, The Power is the People, and We All meant to be

Liberated! Liberated!


What a Dream!  And I’m The Dream Pusher

And this is Prophecy.

Are you ready to take a hit

Of my words? Just one get your Ego faded Here,

Give some time for Spirit, Lift ya up, Now.

feel elated.

Fear the Unknown.

Nah, that tagline’s dated.

Just one hit of my words,

Get you Lifted. So Bless up.

Let’s all get faded on that Spiritual

Take a trip

It’s the only essence really real

Let’s get lifted up on the Spiritual

It’s the only high that gives you wings

Now Fly

Let’s elevate our consciousness

It’s the only way to heal the mass that's why

Let’s Love with our Hearts so Free, So Free

It’s the only way to live,  Now

“I’m your Pusha”

It’s time we grind,

Who’s feeling me?

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