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That Be A Light Ahead?

“The Journey on Life’s Road is many things. Take it full well embracing this for you will find beauty in All its Seasons. “ - The Maxims of Delta

I was told once that the Light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t move and you will get there. But when you get there, guess what? There’s another tunnel...

It can be a fucked up world. Read the headlines and it’s only that. Competing agendas give a fragmented view. It’s healthy to question but don’t lose hope. Elevation of the Collective is not a race, it’s a marathon. I trust Creation and as the World grapples with change, I believe that healing ourselves is like breathing - essential.

What’s unfolding is powerful. By working on our communities, we tend our own wounds. By loving All, we better Love, period. From macro to micro, in loving ourselves fully, we better Love All. By caring for ourselves, we as healthier Beings moving through our communities, lift up all.

Change is a process. But the Light at the end of the tunnel will be reached. Breathe in, let go, then onward to the adventure that is the next tunnel.

Soul Aloha Always, For All Ways.

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