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The Arigato Money Technique

I came across the arigato money technique in a promo video from Mindvalley this past year. It was a typical morning. Nothing spectacular, or was it?

While listening to my morning affirmations (shout out to Bob Baker!) and out walking Emma, one of those pop-up ads came up that I normally skip but for some reason, perhaps because I love Japan and am part-Okinawan myself, I decided to listen.

Side-note: whenever I go to a new country in general I make sure to learn 'thank you' in that language. It's a fun way to connect with people and more often than not, the smiles and laughs indicate to me it was a positive vibe to share!

The basic idea that was conveyed was this: give gratitude each time you receive AND spend money. The gratitude is the secret ingredient in all holistic practices because it's in extending gratitude throughout that we can take well-being to wealth-being.

I did more research and signed up for an online class, Money EQ, taught by the Japanese author Ken Honda through Mindvalley (those tricky ads!) and I felt like I knew Uncle Ken my whole Life. His easy going, upbeat, and fun vibe was great and I looked forward to our brief class of 10-20 minutes each day for three weeks.

By the end of it, I had a whole new view on my relationship with money, what was blocking me and giving me a negative feeling about it, and I learned a useful tool that I take with me throughout my days.

To learn more about the Arigato Money technique and to hear why they pay me not to sing at the opera, check out the official soul what vlog here:

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Mahalo and have a great one!

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