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What does The Fool card in Tarot represent? Freedom.

When I worked one on one with people, a tool I was told to use was tarot. As I walked through the chapter where I was providing this service, I worked with people from all around the world, many walks of Life. The cards helped to give a visual look into their energy while the messages of the words that flowed through were absorbed.

One of the most powerful cards in tarot IMO is The Fool. The Fool in her/his walk journeys carefree. That does not mean that s/he is careless, it's just that The Fool cares less about the bullshit and more about being free.

And how does one find Freedom?

Perhaps we can all use a little more of The Fool's energy flowing through are lives. This archetype is something we can all embody. The Fool in its fullest manifestation stands on the precipice of Faith, breathing in the Fullness of Life, even though an imminent end is but a step away.

If you pan out to the macro of the Universe since it was birthed, aren't we all but a blink and a quick step from start to finish?

The Fool recognizes this and in turn, juggles the highs and lows of Being because The Fool values Life. The Fool recognize that true Freedom is being able to see Beauty no matter what we encounter.

Recently I was asked how I find the time having a full-time job and continue to cultivate what it is that I'm passionate about aka my side-hustles.

As I meditated on that, I was reminded of The Fool. Because I embraced The Fool earlier in my own journey, I was led to find deeper meaning into what it is that I wanted to experience with work.

That in turn gave me more freedom because the realization I had was that no one job defined me and some things, like being an artist, are who I am. It's just as natural to breathing for me.

In order to be full, to move beyond a 'just survive' mentality, to one where I thrive, I need to make the time, I need to stand on that edge and find the time to enjoy the beauty.

So it is today, that I wanted to take some time to share this with any and all who may find these words. Be a little like The Fool and see where that leads.

Thx for being out there!

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