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The Universe is Progressive

I am taking a MindValley course with Michael B. Beckwith - Life Visioning Mastery and Day 5's growth work led me to reflect on the following. Enjoy.

With eternity -

Embrace and dance endlessly in the manifestation that is Creation.

Transcend the limitations on every level, until the day the Soul transcends the physical plane, at which point a new transcendence shall emerge for in Eternity, there is no end, and what is already Eternal, for all ways and Paths, will always be Eternal.

This is a choice.

It’s the most important choice to evolve past and beyond the Pain when it is a vice that constricts, the pressure of which lifts us to move.

Fear. Love. Pain. Joy.

Which do we choose?

By the time I got to the end, the Flow 'switched off' in that I was reminded of past lessons of choosing to live from a place of Fear or Love. Today's lesson really illustrated the Pain or Joy flavors of Love.

I do think that Pain in this context, is a bit different than pain that is a part of the Journey. I feel as though there are experiences in Life that might be categorized as an experience of Pain, such as grief, but I guess if we honor the unfolding, it's a recognition that pain is not suffering.

To tie this together further, at the start of the year, my Dad passed away right before covid-19 really went all out.

It has been one of the most intensely beautiful experiences I have ever experienced thus far, and it's easily the most challenging Loss to experience and grow through.

The beauty of it is so magnificent though and I think because I worked in the past to grow, I am in a space to be open to appreciate both the Loss and the void it represents, which is how much Love was/is there. And that is really what's so beautiful about this type of Pain.

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