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The Wonderful World of Raw Photos

shot on Fuji x100f

There are moments in time that are pure artistic beauty.

I've seen them, in that then, and Here & Now they remain etched within memory now. We can't capture them all because many of them occur without a camera, but as my journey as an artist continues, the urge for an everyday carry has grown and so it goes.

One of the most amazing discoveries of all of this is how you can take an image, leave it as it is, or transform the raw shot later.

Both art, both amazing.

In this case, I shot the original shot in color because I felt like the shadows would really pop in black and white. From there, I used Creative Cloud apps to make my edits. IMO - the auto is dope and useful but it's also important to play and adjust to see what speaks to you. And this was what spoke to me in the end.

What do you like to do after you've taken your pictures? Drop a comment, say hello, and share your thoughts.

Until then, Enjoy.

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