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Urban Chicken Coop

Saw this art installation while running one day and stopped to catch the shot because I’m fascinated by the feral creatures that wander throughout Town.

One of the first things I noticed after moving from Hilo was - how come no more red Cardinals? Rarely, if ever, are they seen.

Another observation - not so many run over animals - which is awesome. Our first cat was run over when I was a kid and I saw them all the time on the Big Island and more so when you get out of Town here.

But The Townie Chickens - they next level. I have watched as a hen will stop her chicks and check before crossing the road. Seen them at night up above in the trees where the cats can’t get them.

Nature has and is the way. These creatures are teachers who have learned what it takes to adapt, evolve, and thrive to live with the environment.

Soul Mahalo for this art exhibit. Much appreciated it.

A hui hou!

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