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We Must Lift Up

I saw this white sheet on the park bench a week ago. I wondered about its backstory, who brought it there and had s/he slept beneath it the night before, what happened and if that person was okay, and why, amidst all this abundance do so many still struggle.

It called out to me bc the night before someone jumped off of our building and landed outside of our place and the last I time I saw her, she was covered in a white sheet as well, and to see that, I wondered who, what, and why.

When it comes to those without safe shelter whether physical or metaphorical, I reflect on the feelings of Loss and Being Lost, how a few turns and course of events, and that could be many for any of us, especially here in Hawai'i. For those who take their lives, I reflect on the moments where it feels as though there is no other way out, no hope, no joy, only pain.

Beneath the many who, what, and whys is a sense of connection to those feelings and my own challenges that makes we ask how can we as a collective people do more to lift one another up? And with that, when does that begin?

It may never as a collective but in our own lives we can continue to work on our own empathy and compassion.

The pandemic, no matter how you look at it, has brought us all so much Loss, has disrupted all of our lives. For some more than others for sure, but though at times it can feel like no end in sight, if we awake to another breath and the melody of that Beat + Beat within, that’s so much to start with. If there is safe shelter, food, and loved ones, even more, perhaps all we really need.

Each new day, a new start, so why not start there no matter who we are and what we face? That space answers the how and the when and allows us to be present no matter who else, their what, and the reasons why we collectively face.

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