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Why I'm starting a Bullet Journal

I love journals (and shout out to pens, yo!).

And I write, a lot, although it's hard to say I love writing so much as writing is something I just do. I find that writing in journals has been a bit seasonal as Life goes but I've got so many pages filled with writing and I cringe at the thought of having to go back and sort through it all.

Like, no, for real, you have no idea! I've got more Moleskine journals than I can recall full of writing that has documented my Life regularly since 2010, or around the time I opened my spiritual/inner eyes wide. It's 2021 when I write this, and I still journal and will in a conventional sense in addition to this bullet journal expedition, so if you read this next year, or ten years from now, imagine what it's like to go through that much writing, and Life. The highs, the lows, the changes.

So many changes, thoughts, musings, and inspirations.

It sounds so odd to write about this today because in a way, when I began journaling, like really journaling, it could be considered to walk hand-in-hand with awakening, or waking up, to the dream of the spiritual journey. I'd written before, often, how I'd been working on my spiritual Life for a good amount of time, but it was my going all in with the hand that I'd been dealt in 2010 that was truly a transition or pivot point.

As we continue to wander through the 'new normal' that is Life post Covid19, looking back, I've been on pivot since that season of Loss so many years ago.

And so, my journaling journey also went, documenting the changes, the transformation.

I'm not perfect at journaling. There was a couple year period in the middle where the entries were infrequent and right now, I'm on a few times to once monthly check-in in my written journal, with my Instagram (@menamejmaw / @soulxwhat) serving as a micro-journal and there was the now defunct The Simple Voice blog. Point is - I don't journal every day, but I journal regularly, and it's a great tool to declutter the mind, to take a brain dump or few, and just for letting go.

The beauty of journal, is the ability to just be honest and more so, be.

I've taken elements of journaling into my work Life as well. Mostly in the form of lists, celebrating crossing something off once it's done, carrying over what is outstanding, and deleting what doesn't make sense or is not a priority. When I left my last chapter, as I cleaned out my office, I saw all my notebooks, full of eight years of lists, with probably an 85-95% completion rate depending on what was going on. I was pretty diligent with my last, it always sat to the right side of my desk, the first thing I looked at, the last thing I added to before closing a day, and depending on the Flow, updated 1-3x a week.

So in that regard, I suppose I'm prepared for this BuJo journey. I've also had my own key for years to help sort through my personal journals.

Oh Life and the integration I am finding as the fragments now connect to the whole. Let's see where this leads, shall we?

To be continued...

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